Kickball Tournament

Kickball Tournament


Check out our instagram page for more details or click here for team sign up or Here for free agent sign up.

April 18-19

Fall Quarter

Movers n' shakers

Welcome to Central!  

Want a friendly face to meet you on move in day?  We would love to meet up with you, take you out to coffee, or show you around campus.  Message us on instagram or email for more info!

Sept. 17th 2021
Welcome Party

We can't wait to meet you!

Check our website closer to Fall quarter for our welcome party details!  We are waiting on state pandemic regulations before creating an official event. But whether we end up having a "mask"querade party or a BBQ we are excited to invite you to come make friends!

Sept. 2021
Fall Retreat

Join us


Fall Retreat is an amazing way to make friends and get connected at school. Come enjoy a weekend away, relax, and learn more about the Lord.

Click here for more info.

Oct. 29th-31st 2021
Classy Christmas Party

Christmas Party!


Come dressed in your best to enjoy Christmas snacks, cookies, and cocoa! Play games, and have fun with friends! 

Finals Week 2021

Winter Quarter

Chi Alpha Classes

Join a Bible class!

Want to grow in your faith and learn more about Jesus and the Bible?  Sign up for one of our three different classes!

Click here for more info.

Jan-March 2022

1st Friday Dodgeball!


Whether you are coming back from break or starting at Central for the first time, this is a great event to get to know people.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Winter Camp

Join us


Join us as we gather with Chi Alpha groups from all over the Northwest for one amazing weekend.  Learn from wise speakers, worship together, have fun, and make friends!


Click here for more info.

January 2022

Spring Quarter

Painting Night

Bob Ross Painting


We like to celebrate the first First Friday of Spring quarter! Check out our instagram for a link to our Bob Ross Painting night!

April 2nd
Spring Campout

Let's go camping

Come enjoy great teaching, great food, great friends, and the great outdoors!  This camping retreats is one of the best events of the year!

Click here for more info.