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Up for a Bible reading and prayer challenge? Then join us as a community in doing the 28 Day Challenge!


Here is what it will entail: 


1. READ: Read 1 chapter a day of the book of Acts. You can mark off your progress on our checklist that you can print off yourself. The book of Acts will also tie into our Spring Quarter series for Chi Alpha. 



2. PRAY: Every week we will have a new resource about prayer. You can try it once a week, multiple times a week, or even every day. Prayer is a dynamic part of our faith and sometimes we just get in a rut. This 28 Day Challenge will help you develop new ways of praying and talking with God.



3. SHARE: Since we are doing this as a community, why not share what you are learning with others in Chi Alpha? This will be an awesome way to stay in touch during this unique time. 


We hope this 28 Day Challenge will help keep you connected to one another. But more importantly, we hope this challenge will allow you to stay close to God while we are in this interesting time. Since we have more time alone, why not use that time to grow in our faith and relationship with God? 

28-Day Challenge

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